"CFWH is the perfect place for you."

If you’re looking to get in shape or maintain a rigorous workout regimen in a family environment, CFWH is the perfect place for you.  The owners, coaches, and fellow members are always friendly, helpful, and extremely motivating.  The coaching and guidance you receive before every class is second to none.  Classes are always challenging yet never intimidating!  Scaling options are provided for every movement and take into account all fitness/ability levels.  Because the vibe at CFWH is so positive, I quickly found myself wanting to work out with my fellow “wolves” almost every day.  This resulted in big impacts on my strength and endurance.  In addition to top notch coaching and classes, CFWH is a great resource for nutrition counseling.  Once I began to adhere to both regular exercise and the nutrition programs/guidance provided by CFWH, the impact to my body was immediate and transforming.  My weight dropped by 40 lbs within a three month period while my waist shrank to 32”.  I have since maintained my fitness gains for 3+ years thanks to CrossFit and the support of the entire Wheelhouse family.

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