Tom McKeown

Tom McKeown


  • CrossFit Level 1


I have had a passion for fitness from a young age. As soon as I got my driver’s license at 16, one of the first places I drove to on my own was High Energy Gym in Newark. It was about as “old school” weightlifting as it gets but where I found a passion for fitness and made lifelong friends who had similar goals and interests. For many of us, we have come a long way from “leg day” and “back day” and expanded our knowledge, tools and resources into the area of functional fitness. While fitness has been a way of life, it was very much necessary to keep me healthy, both mentally and physically, throughout my 30 years in law enforcement. CrossFit has been an integral part of helping me learn and grow in my fitness journey over the last 10 years. It has driven me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. So much so that I decided to pursue my certification as a coach 3 years ago as my desire to help others in the area of fitness grew. I am excited to share my passion for fitness as a coach and athlete at CrossFit Wheelhouse and am inspired and humbled daily to be in the company of so many amazing people. CrossFit Wheelhouse is a very special place and I have gained more from the athletes and coaches here than I could ever repay.

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